New Home Construction Inspection

We offer a range of New Home Construction Inspections depending on the stage and timeline of the building progress from start to completion at Critical Stages as prescribed by the National Construction Codes.

We will provide clients with the opportunity to attend the inspection.

We will provide a written report including photographic evidence of any defects and building concerns for each inspection.

If you are concerned about the quality of the construction you are being provided by your builder, or just want peace of mind that your new home is being built to last, a New Home Construction Inspection is essential.

Pre Slab Inspection $545 

The Pre Slab Inspection is essentially an assessment of the foundations before concrete is poured.

Items we check for when doing our Pre-slab Inspections are:

  • overall dimensions of the slab.

  • presence of termite barrier.

  • dimensions of internal and external concrete beams.

  • ground levels.

  • size, placement and support of reinforcement.

  • position of plumbing penetrations.

  • formwork support and integrity.

Framing Inspection $545 

The Framing Inspection is essentially an assessment of the wall, floor and roof systems.

Items we check for when doing our Framing Inspection are:

  • dimensions of room sizes, positions of windows and doors.

  • framing members for square, plumb and straight.

  • framing components are the correct size and located correctly in position.

  • bracing and tie-downs to the slab have been completed.

  • movement in flooring of suspended floors

Pre Lining Inspection $545 

The Pre Lining Inspection is essentially an assessment of the framing before the internal wall linings are installed.

Items we check for when doing our Pre Lining Inspection are:

  • the plumbing and electrical services are installed in the correct manner and in the correct place.
  • final frame inspection.
  • roof system.
  • brickwork.

Post Lining Inspection $545 

The Post Lining Inspection is essentially an assessment of the waterproofing and internal wall linings after they have been applied and installed respectively.

Items we check for when doing our Post Lining Inspection are:

  • the installation of internal linings to ensure correct fixing to the framework.
  • satisfactory setting and finishing of internal linings. 
  • satisfactory fit-out of carpentry elements.
  • assessment of waterproofing to wet areas.

Practical Completion Inspection $545 

 A Practical Completion Inspection is recommended after the builders clean has been done BUT before the date of actual handover.

Identified defective elements can be addressed and rectified with the builder before final payment and key handover.

Items we check for when doing our Practical Completion Inspection are:

  • all finishes and fixtures, both internal and external throughout the home..

  • bathroom items function properly, taps are secure, plumbing is connected and functioning.

  • kitchen items function properly, taps are secure,  plumbing is connected and functioning, check hot water, bench tops are free from chips, cracks and scratches.

  • floor coverings and tiling.

  • paint surface finish

  • window glazing and frames are scratch and defect free.

  • brickwork and mortar joint presentation.