Standard Building

$395.00 inc GST


Service Description

Our Standard Building Inspection report complies with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. The report will contain separate inspection parameters in categories and provide an assessment and comments for each inspected paramater in a plain English and common sense apporach. Our reports do not contain complicated and confusing Building Code references.

Our reports contain multiple colour photos for client review. The comprehensive report will on average be 25 plus pages in total.

The following property areas will be inspected but not be limited to:

Roof Exterior

  • Roof covering, flashings, drainage, skylights, penetrations, gutters and downpipes. 

Roof Interior

  • Roof framing members and connections, roof covering internally, insulation, ventilation and electrical issues.

Building Exterior

  • Foundations, cracks and movement in structure, windows, doors, balconies, verandahs, pergolas and any other structures.
  • Exterior wall surafaces, trim and fascia condition.
  • Garages and carports.

Building Interior

  • Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, joinery and cupboards. Wet areas of kitchens, laundry and bathrooms. Mositure and dampness issues assessed.
  • Residual current devices and smoke detectors.
  • Hotwater service.


  • Walkways, fences, gates, driveways, drainage, vegetation and retaining walls.

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