Building Completion Defect Report

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Service Description

A Building Completion Defects Inspection will involve a comprehensive assessment of the property to ensure all work is completed and where defects are noted they are included in the report with colour photos and recommendations for rectification.

Timing of this inspection is preferable before occupation and final payment to the Builder.

Unfortunately, many newly constructed or renovated properties are not completed to relevant Building Standards with the necessary quality assurance. A Completion Defects Inspection will provide an assessment and independent findings on what may be needed to complete the work as intended and expected in the original contract.

A Building Completion Defects report is an inspection carried out on a new property that provides a detailed summary of all defects found, including cosmetic and structural. Where a standard building report will not usually comment on cosmetic defects, a completion report will comment on the same defects as a standard building report and will also itemise cosmetic defects such as scratches on cupboard doors, poor internal paint finish to walls and ceilings, marks on floors and carpets etc. in accordance with Appendix C AS4349.1-2007.


Building Completion Defects (apartment or unit) $445
Building Completion (townhouse, duplex or villa) $495
Building Completion (house) $595 (duplex – both) $695


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