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Our Vendor Inspection reports have been carried out at the request of the Vendor to present their property to the market in the best possible light to potential buyers with transparency and disclosure regarding the property condition.
Vendor reports are provided to buyers for a fee of $60 for Building & Pest or $60 for Strata Inspections.
We strongly believe that being able to provide knowledge and upfront disclosure to potential buyers at a nominal cost will provide many benefits to the Vendor and Buyers as follows:
  • Independent inspection reports
  • Reduces buyer costs during due diligence
  • Direct access to Inspectors to have findings and recommendations explained
  • Report availability 24/7
  • Reduces multiple inspections for vendor and agent
  • Report indemnity can be reassigned
  • Property condition is disclosed and allows earlier and confident offers
  • Any issues identified can be remedied by vendor or expected sale price adjusted
Bay Property Inspections is an independent service provider and we have no commercial relationship or commission relationship with any agency or agent.
Reports are written in the same format and irrespective of whether our client is a vendor or buyer.